Sunday Poll: How optimistic are you about Juventus’ summer mercato?

While the summer transfer window is not even officially open yet, it already has been an interesting June for Juventus and the rumor mill that comes with it. How you define “interesting” probably depends on the person who roots for Juventus that you ask, but the times have not been boring since the final whistle sounded on the 2022-23 season earlier this month.

So there’s that, I guess.

As the first day of July approaches, some of Juve’s summer mercato is taking shape. They might even have the long-awaited arrival of the sporting director that they agreed to a contract with weeks ago. These two things are very much related even as the stand-in sporting director has been taking meetings and even closing a few deals in the meantime.

Considering the fact that there will likely be no European football and the Juve front office hasn’t been bailed out by Saudi Arabia offering a certain someone €20 million a season and it being accept, the vibe around this summer is … probably not the greatest. So, is there any sort of optimism left in there for you? Is there any hope that Cristiano Giuntoli can lay some sort of foundation for the Juventus rebuild over the next few months?

We know one thing despite all of the uncertainty: Things may appear to be grim, but they certainly don’t look like they’re going to be boring.

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